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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What exactly is the Deflector Glove TM?

It is a practice fielding glove made out of fine leather material designed by Joe Magno to help train baseball and softball players to correctly and effectively field any ball hit to them using two hands properly.  This practice fielding glove helps condition players to aggressively go out to field all balls hit to them and to not retract-or backup-when fielding grounders.

2)Have other teams, clubs, or organizations used the Deflector Glove TM with results?

The answer to this question is ---YES!! To date, the Deflector Glove TM has been used by countless coaches, instructors, and parents to train their players/children to become much better fielders.  More and more school and college baseball and softball teams and coaches are beginning to use this baseball and softball practice fielding tool to become all –star players with proven success.  This practice fielding glove has proven to give results for baseball and softball players of all ages.

This baseball and softball practice fielding glove is also being used more and more by major and minor league baseball teams as well as colleges throughout the United States with proven success.

3) How long must a player use the Deflector Glove TM to notice much better results in their playing ability?

That’s a great question. In order to be good at anything—whether playing any type of sport, musical instrument, etc., --you must practice, practice, and practice all the more!! Since every single player is DIFFERENT in their playing ability, teachable skills, and willingness to learn, there is no “set” time to when you will become an outstanding player.  But, if any player practices using this fielding tool consistently—every week for a good amount of time, the more they use it the better they will become.  On average, there have been countless players who have used this baseball and softball practice fielding glove consistently that have had seen tremendous results in as little as a couple of weeks.  But please don’t expect to become an all-star player in one day right when you receive it.  However, using it consistently for periods of time will produce results!


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