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“Discover How Your Child Can Quickly Become The #1 Power Hitter On Their Baseball Or SoftballTeam OVERNIGHT – Regardless Of Their Hitting Ability Or Experience”

Click Here To Learn More…


“Discover How Your Child Can Quickly Become The #1 Power Hitter On Their Baseball Or SoftballTeam OVERNIGHT – Regardless Of Their Hitting Ability Or Experience”

Click Here To Learn More…


“Discover How Your Child Can Quickly Become The #1 Power Hitter On Their Baseball Or SoftballTeam OVERNIGHT – Regardless Of Their Hitting Ability Or Experience”

Click Here To Learn More…


“Discover The #1 Secret To Quickly Help Your Child Become The Best Player On The Team and Eventually Get Noticed by College and Professional Scouts — Guaranteed!”

It's True! This Free Report Reveals How Your Son, Daughter, or Player(s) Can Quickly Stop Making Any More Errors Again And Become The League's Best Fielder...

Dear Parent/Coach of Baseball or Softball player:

Do You Ever Get Frustrated When You See Your Son, Daughter, or Players:

The Results of Such Bad Habits?


Click Video Below To Watch This Proven Technique That's Made Countless Players Into All-Star Fielders Overnight!


23 Year Professional Coach Reveals How 99% of All Fielding Mistakes Are Made.

Joe MagnoHello! My name is Coach Joe Magno. I’ve been coaching baseball for over 23 years now and have taught at every level including little league, high school, college, and the professional level. I’ve worked with over 20,000 students in private lessons since 1986 on an individual and team basis besides coaching numerous travel teams.

I’ve also operated over 3000 “Mr. Baseball Camps” highly acclaimed by ESPN, The Los Angeles Times, The Hallmark Channel and other numerous publications.  My camps are staffed by former major league players, coaches, and instructors to help young kids become much better players and hitters in both baseball and softball.


“My son attended Joe’s camp and I have been very impressed with the organization and instruction. I recommend Mr. Baseball highly!”

Jim Riggleman
Los Angeles Dodgers Bench Coach

“Coach Joe Magno is an outstanding baseball instructor, and has a fine rapport with young players.  My son has benefited greatly from the lessons he has taken from Joe.”

John Higgins
Vice President
Tampa Bay Devil Rays


In My 23 Years of Coaching, I Have Seen That Young Players Who DON'T Use Both Hands Properly And Rely On Their Glove’s Webbing To Field Balls Will Consistently Make LOTS of Mistakes And Fail To Reach Their Full Potential.

Yes. It’s true! With over 23 years of coaching experience, I have found that many errors are made when young baseball and softball players don’t use their two hands properly and instead rely on the webbing of their glove when fielding balls. Unfortunately, I’ve seen many games lost as a result of this.

The 5 Common Mistakes That Occur When Your Child Doesn’t Use Their 2 Hands Properly And Has a Habit of Relying on Their Glove’s Webbing When Fielding Balls:

  1. They don’t keep their back parallel to the ground and use their quadriceps to get low enough when fielding grounders – making themselves vulnerable to balls going under their legs.
  2. They get ‘lackadaisical’ (lazy) at times and use one hand when fielding – increasing the chance of the ball hitting off of the heel of glove to bounce away since other hand is not there or for the ball to go under their glove  – resulting in an error made.
  3. They retract (pull back) their hands when fielding grounders – which will cause them to lose sight of the ball which can either go through their legs and/or give the ball more hops resulting in a bad hop and/or an error made.
  4. They take MORE time to get the ball out to make double plays or hit the cut-off or relay – due to the fact that the glove’s webbing envelopes (closes) over the ball making it slower to come out. This results in slower hands causing slower ball transfer!
  5. They have a habit of bending and reaching for the ball with one hand which opens them up to making lots of mistakes and errors instead of fielding the ball properly. Again, by relying on the gloves webbing, they don’t get low enough to the ground.

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The Strategy That Eliminates Poor Fielding:
2 Hand Deflection Techniques Like Major League Players Use!

You see, professional players DON’T close their glove when fielding balls.  What major league players do is they allow the ball to DEFLECT from the PALM of their glove (not the webbing) to their BARE HAND when fielding balls by making a quick exchange.  This is called a “re-direct.” This is done instantaneously to give them a quick transfer.

That’s how these players are able to turn double plays, hit the cut – offs, and throw runners out quickly at this level. When they field balls this way, it keeps their body low to the ground and they’re able to see the ball much better besides use correct fielding mechanics perfectly. That’s why their professionals!

If professional players rely on their glove’s webbing to field balls, too much time would elapse since they would have to reach in with their throwing hand to get the ball OUT OF THE WEBBING to throw runners out. This would also prevent them from using proper fielding mechanics, making them vulnerable to errors. 

Thee only time professional players USE their glove’s webbing when fielding grounders is when they try to get at a ball hit out of their range by diving, reaching, or jumping up for it. That’s the only time they use it, and it should be the only time a player should use their glove’s webbing when fielding balls.

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Regular Glove A Regular Glove Won’t Teach Your Child Proper 2 Hand Deflection Techniques With Proper Fielding Mechanics!

Why Is This? Simple. Because A Regular Glove Can Easily Close And Has a Web Which Envelopes Around The Ball.

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Here’s The #1 Method Tested and Tried By Major League Players, Coaches, and Instructors That Trains Your Child To Use 2 Hand Deflection Techniques Exactly Like a Major Leaguer To Help Them Become All Star Players Overnight!

It was over 10 years ago that I tested and tried something that had GUARANTEED RESULTS when it came to helping any youth baseball or softball player regardless of age or ability to become a GREAT FIELDER on their team.

My students were introduced to this training tool several years ago and the results were instantaneous. Their fielding abilities improved TEN FOLD.  I saw 1 out of 10 succeeding as consistent fielders with few or no errors to eventually seeing 100% of all my students committing virtually no fielding errors during games.

This training tool not only produced tremendous results in my players’ fielding and catching abilities, but it also INCREASED THEIR SELF CONFIDENCE LEVEL AND SELF ESTEEM WHICH BECAME EVIDENT BY THEIR PLAY ON THE FIELD! That’s when I knew I had developed a great training tool for fielding.

How Would You Like To See This Proven Method Quickly Train Your Child To:

I engineered and manufactured a leather glove biomechanically shaped to help condition any player who uses it to consistently use 2 hand deflection techniques correctly just like professional players do when fielding and catching balls hit to them.  It also trains them to have a much quicker TRANSFER of the ball to make more plays.

So I decided to call it:


Deflector Glove - FrontDeflector Glove - Back


What Is The “Deflector Glove™”?

It’s a Practice Fielding Tool For Baseball / Softball That Quickly DEFLECTS Balls Out of The Glove To Train Your Child To Use 2 Hand Deflection Techniques And Both Hands Properly When Fielding Balls.

Ball being deflected

The “Deflector Glove™” Trains Your Child To:

How Does The “Deflector Glove™” Do This?

It Quickly Trains Your Child To Always Use Both Hands Properly When Fielding Grounders Because Its Special Shape/Design Prevents It From Closing Like A Regular Glove To Quickly Deflect Balls Out. This Happens Because They Quickly Learn That The Glove Won’t Envelope Around The Ball. See Photo:

Becoming an Agressive Fielder

It Prevents Any Player To Rely On The Webbing When Fielding Balls Unlike A Regular Glove.  The Webbing Is Made of Trampoline Material Which Quickly Deflects Balls Out. As a Result, Your Child Learns To Fields Balls In The PALM OF THE GLOVE FOR QUICKER TRANSFER. See Photo:

Catching with Two Hands

It’s Deflection Feature Trains Any Player To Quickly Have His or Her Throwing Hand In The Proper Position To Have a Much Quick Transfer of The Ball Once It Hits The Glove To Make More Plays. See Photo Below:

Quick Transfer

Your Child Quickly Learns To Transfer These Techniques To Their Regular Glove When Fielding/Catching Balls! 

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So How Is The Deflector Glove ™” More Effective Than Any Other Type Of Training Glove Like It?

Deflector Glove™


The Deflector Glove™'s Designe Is BIOMECHANICALLY CORRECT When It Fits on Your Child’s Hands UNLIKE Other Training Gloves Which Are Too FLAT or ROUNDED!

This is due to the fact that the deflector glove™  is CURVED like a regular baseball glove and even Feels like a regular glove when your child is using it even though it WON'T CLOSE . This is not the case with typical FLAT or ROUNDED training gloves which won't give your child this kind of feeling, nor simulate the feel of a real glove when he or she trains with it.

This Correct Biomechanical Design Keeps Your Child's Hands And Wrists SOFT To Train Them To Soft Scoop Like A Professional. Flat or Rounded Training Gloves WON'T Do This Effectively For Your Child's Hands And Wrists.

The Deflector Glove™'s biomechanical design causes your child’s fingers to be FLEXED, which causes their WRISTS and HANDS to be FLEXED to make it much easier to have softer hands to soft scoop balls like a pro.

Most other training gloves are FLAT or ROUNDED which cause your child’s fingers and wrists to be STIFF. This PREVENTS their WRISTS and HANDS from being SOFT, making it much HARDER to SOFT SCOOP balls correctly. Unfortunately, this is the case with all other training gloves - ESPECIALLY those that are ROUNDED and/or FLAT.

ALSO, Flat OR Rounded Training Gloves Have a Tendency To Deflect Balls Out INCORRECLY! This Will Only Hurt Your Child or Players In The Long Run

Because of the Deflector Glove™'s special biomechanical design, it will cause the ball to DEFLECT in the right direction towards your child’s bare hand EVERY SINGLE TIME. Most other training gloves like this that are flat often cause the ball to be deflected out improperly! For example, typical flat or rounded training gloves often deflect the ball up, down, or sideways.

When this happens, your child can't recieve the proper training he or she needs. When your child uses the Deflector Glove™, they will find that the ball will ALWAYS be DEFLECTEDDOWN into their bare throwing hand due to it's special curved design. This will help your child have softer and quicker hands in a much shorter time!


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What Others Have Said About “The Deflector Glove™”

“This is one of the BEST inventions I’ve used in years. It really works.  Kids absolutely love it.”

Carl Nichols
Major League Baseball Urban Training Center

“This is an outstanding tool.  It makes you go out to the ball with your hands…it makes you transfer properly.”

Darryl Darro
Former Chicago Cubs Player
Youth Baseball Coach

“The Deflector Glove™ is a great training tool.  I’ve seen many kids use it to become better fielders fairly quickly.”

Ben Goldberg
President of Los Altos Little League

“(The Deflector Glove™) is a great help to our boys as far as getting the ball into the bare throwing hand a lot quicker.  It’s going to help our boys tremendously.”

Russ Kirono
Youth Baseball Coach
Torrance, Ca

“My daughter has used it on her softball team.  I feel it has taught her to get the ball to her throwing hand quicker.  It gets the ball out of the glove faster.”

Craig Stotz
Father of Youth Softball Player

“It’s a GREAT training tool!”

Mike Brumley
Texas Rangers Infield Coach

“This is one of the BEST training tools I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s really great and really softens up the hands and the wrists.”

Dale Murphy
Former All Star MVP
Atlanta Braves

“THE most innovative inventions of the year!”

High School and College Baseball Coaches Convention Committee
January 2007
Orlando, Florida

 “My name is Casey Dyer.  I’m the head varsity baseball coach at Cleveland High School in Portland Oregon and I bought 5 of the Deflector Gloves in January from Joe.  I used 3 with my varsity baseball team to teach proper techniques of an infielder so they wouldn’t close the glove.  After using it for 2 weeks, my guys had figured it out and they loved it.  Our double play time dropped by .5 seconds and we turned many more than we did the previous year.  Not only did I use it with my high school kids I use it with my 8 year old son’s little league team.  That’s all they use at practice anymore, and the results are incredible.  Not only do they use it for fielding ground balls, they play catch with it to.  It teaches them to use both hands all the time.  It will prepare them fundamentally at a very young age.”

Casey Dyer
Head Varsity Baseball Coach
Cleveland High School
Portland, Oregon

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Can Both Baseball and Softball Players Use The Deflector Glove™? And Does It Come In Different Sizes?

YES!! This glove is designed and made to be used to help train any player in baseball and in softball to become an outstanding fielder.  It only comes in one size, BUT it will stretch out as your child or players use it.  You can use a regular or right handed glove.



That’s right! Knowing young players, it would cost hundreds of dollars in private lessons ONLY using a regular glove with conventional fielding drills without the DEFLECTOR GLOVE TM to help train and condition many of them to never again fall back into bad habits when fielding grounders or catching fly balls.

 I know—I’ve seen it.  I charge $75.00 per hour for each private lesson. With conducting well over 30,000 private and group lessons, I’ve seen it may take months to achieve some of the benefits the DEFLECTOR GLOVE TM gives when it comes to preventing players from ever again using bad fielding habits. That’s at least a $1500.00 value!!

Also, for the baseball/softball camps I run which cost $550.00 per player for one week staffed with former major league players and coaches who use the DEFLECTOR GLOVE TM to teach proper fielding skills—it takes at least 2-3 camps for many players to fully achieve the benefits the Deflector Glove TM gives.  That’s a $1650.00 value!!

But today, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, your son, daughter, or player(s) can begin to become the best fielder on their team by having their own DEFLECTOR GLOVE TM to practice as much as you want, for a special limited time offer.

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Order Today And You Will Receive This Free E-Book!

If you order today, I will include my FREE bonus e-book titled “All—Star Fielding Drills” to be used with the Deflector Glove™ to help any player become one of the best—if not the best fielder on their team. This is valued at around $21.99 which reveals some of my most proven fielding drills I use for my private instruction. (I charge $65.00 per hour).


90-Day RefundYour 90 Day Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the DEFLECTOR GLOVE TM and feel that your son, daughter, or player(s) has not improved in their fielding ability after consistently using it for at least 90 days, then feel free to send it back for a full refund—NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Original Price $105.99

Our Price $84.99

Special Offer $59.00 - Order Now!

Order Now!!!

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*Note: All orders placed outside the continental U.S.A. must pay more for shipping due to international costs. Please email us first to know what these charges will be. Please allow around 7 - 10 Business Days For Delivery by the US Postal Service.

Here's to your child's success!


Joe Magno

Joe Magno

AABA Baseball Coach/NSCA Certified Trainer

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